Bambrick & Centennial Park

Stormwater Basin Ecological Restoration
Lemont Park District
Lemont, IL
3 Acres
2015 - Present
  • Ecological Consultation & Design
  • Native Seed & Plug Installation
  • Stormwater Management via Native Plant Buffer
  • Stewardship & Prescribed Fire
Project Description:
The projects at Bambrick and Centennial Parks in Lemont, IL consisted of designing and installing a prairie buffer and wetland bottom throughout two dry bottom stormwater basins.  Converting land back to its natural state in an urban park setting helped bring visitors of the parks back in touch with nature.  While many residents were excited about the addition of flowers and wildlife to the site by restoring the open space to a more natural state. The function of the land also increased for wildlife and humans, as did species diversity and water quality.
Project Goals:
Encourage the continued establishment and diversity of the native vegetation and keep invasive species out of the restored area.
Project Scope:
Initial installation included eliminated existing non-native vegetation, designing and installing a combination or native seed mixes and live native plugs. Following installation work, a general annual stewardship program has been in place, consisting of regularly scheduled site visits to treat unwanted and invasive species. Prescribed fire is applied to the sites every three years with enhancement seeding installed following burns.   

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