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Our company offers a variety of invasive species control services to properties in Lake Forest, IL, Barrington, IL, & Naperville, IL.

We perform invasive brush removal, apply targeted herbicides, and provide cultural vegetation management to effectively control invasive species.

Pulling weeds in a natural area for invasive species control in Lake Forest, IL.

Native plants have grown for thousands of years and have relationships with native wildlife. This relationship creates the most sustainable type of habitat. The sustainability of these areas becomes threatened when foreign species invade causing harmful effects such as: increased competition for sunlight, changes to soil characteristics, increased flooding, altered fire regimes, and disruption to other natural processes within that area.

Once the invasion becomes an infestation, special mechanical, cultural, and chemical techniques must be performed to control the invasive species. We study the life cycle and physiology of the targeted invasive species to create a tailored approach to achieving control. Some of our methods include invasive brush removal, targeted herbicide applications, and cultural vegetation management.

Our team members are trained and knowledgeable on plant identification and invasive species control techniques. Contact us today at (815) 495-2300 to request a quote.

Invasive Brush Removal

When natural areas are unattended to, trees and shrubs may invade and form impenetrable, thorny thickets. These thickets are typically comprised of invasive species that have suppressed or completely eliminated the native plants. Removing the brush and restoring the sunlight to the ground is the first task we perform on project sites because once we do so, we're able to restore air movement throughout the area, effectively plant, and allow sunlight to reach those plants.

Our crew members take a careful approach to brush removal. How the brush is cut, disposed of, and the way it resprouts has a lasting impact and determines the overall success of the project.

Targeted Herbicide Applications

Targeted herbicide treatments in a natural land area near Barrington, IL.

As natural area experts, we give cultural methods preference over herbicide applications whenever possible. Some species simply cannot be controlled without herbicide. We try to be one step ahead of invasive plants by studying their life cycle to see when they are most vulnerable to control. After the initial use of herbicides, our goal is to bring your land to a condition where we can practice cultural methods instead of chemical methods.

Our herbicide applications are EPA approved and we use the least amount needed for effective control over target species. These herbicide applications are measured, mixed, and applied by licensed, trained, and supervised crews.

Cultural Vegetation Management

Cultural vegetation management is a form of stewardship in which we control weedy species by using their life cycle against them. Our stewardship crews use plant identification and cultural vegetation control training to achieve this.

Cultural methods we use to control invasive plants include:

  • Mowing - We mow in a timely manner to minimize the spread of weed seeds and use this in conjunction with brush cutting.
  • Brush cutting - This method gives us the ability to control target species with minimal collateral damage.
  • Hand-Pulling - This is our preferred method of control in landscape beds and other small plant populations. We are highly selective when hand-pulling.

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Restore your site's natural beauty with the removal of invasive plants and brush. Our crew members are highly trained and experienced to handle invasive species control on smaller properties like residencies and streetscapes to larger properties such as parks & private land.

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