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Native Installations


Foundation plantings, rain gardens, wooded areas, a community pond…we fully understand that the landscapes associated with your property have a direct impact on curb appeal and overall land values. We can help by deploying a practical landscape approach that prioritizes how it looks while enhancing how it performs. Our goal is to fully understand the problem you’re facing, find the root cause, and implement a plan that solves your problem in the most economical and visually appealing way possible. In doing so, we look for opportunities to provide long-term cost savings by reducing the need for mowing, irrigation, and fertilizers while increasing the value to pollinators and other wildlife. From permitting and design, through installation and maintenance…we have a solution for you!


Restoring natural systems requires thoughtful & scientifically based planning, implementation, & management. A site can be remnant or re-constructed. Remnants are part of the once vast green carpet that covered the land. Re-constructed sites have had significant disturbance. Remnant sites respond quickly to restoration. Re-constructed sites require more efforts at the beginning but yield results in a few years.


Our ecologists, managers, & crews have successfully worked on some of the region’s most sensitive remnant sites as well as creating some of the region’s newest ecosystems. We’ve completed projects of all sizes and worked on all ecosystems with amazing results. Our goal is to create spaces filled with flowers, songbirds, & pollinators that you will use and enjoy.


Design plays a big part of sustainable landscape & green infrastructure. We succeed because of our system of feedback between our landscape architects & field staff. All our sites are beautiful as well as functional. A weedy look is not an option! Sustainable landscapes can have the same look & feel as a traditional landscape. They also function as habitat & provide stormwater management. Green infrastructure can also be designed to look more natural, while requiring less stewardship. 


Since our founding, our work has focused on sustainable landscapes & ecological restoration. Our client’s projects have been recognized time & time again, winning over 150 green industry awards!


Shorelines erode when the soil is bare. Lawn has a shallow, weak root system & it cannot survive in wet soils. Stone is static, is displaced by wave action, freeze-thaw cycles, & soil settling. Animals, such as Muskrat, Beaver, & Canada Geese are other common sources of erosion as they cause damage to shorelines causing soil instability. The solution is deep-rooted native perennials that are dynamic & will respond to changes in the environment.


We help you avoid and repair erosion by installing new shorelines & slopes with native perennials that are beautiful & functional. We’ll take care of permitting, regrading, installation of a custom mix of native perennials, & stewardship to establish a stable shoreline or slope.

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