We know what you are thinking, "why would I want to set my property on fire?" Many property owners have this reaction and often do not consider the benefits of implementing what is known as prescribed fire, or controlled burn, to help their land thrive. We believe prescribed fires are a necessary step in managing and stimulating the ecosystem of a natural area. Though it may seem unlikely, the after-effects of prescribed fire will ultimately make your land more beautiful.

The purpose of prescribed fire is to remove debris and control unwanted growth on your property. In Illinois, our native plants and wildlife are not fire-tolerant but rather fire-dependent. Prairies, savannas, wetlands, and woodlands all flourish after a fire. If you remove fire as a natural step in any ecosystem management routine, there will be a sudden decline in the productivity of the environment and weaker biodiverse conditions overall. That is why we work with Certified Prescribed Burn Managers to implement this service because we believe it is a vital step for any stewardship plan.

Prescribed fires stimulate the ecosystem and can help your natural area flourish.

Controlled burns do a lot for the ecosystem. For starters, they provide brush and invasive species control. They also enrich savannas and help woodlands flourish. More specifically, prescribed fires will help your natural area in the following ways:

  • Prairies thrive with fire. Burning a prairie controls weeds and invasive species. This process allows for lush growth in the spring and encourages diversity for both birds and butterflies.
  • Wetlands become richer after a burn. With aggressive saplings and weedy brush eliminated, the native wildflowers can green up a lot sooner. Fire keeps the wetland open, making habitats for more bird species.
  • Woodlands flourish after a fire. Many hardwood (oaks, hickories, beech...) species will boost seed production after a burn. Plus, controlled burns reduce brush, allowing for more life-giving sunlight to reach the wildflowers. Spring ephemerals will thrive and spread as your woodland area begins to flourish.

In the Midwest, our burn season lasts from mid-October to the end of April. Each burn requires permits and permissions so schedule your burn early.

Only hire Certified Prescribed Burn Managers for your controlled burn.

Certified prescribed fire burn managers managing a controlled burn on property in Naperville, IL.

With every controlled burn we do, safety comes first. Each site is supervised by a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager who develops and executes the burn plan. Our crews are thoroughly trained and certified in prescribed fire management, so you will not have to worry about a thing. The Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. fire services group is fully licensed and insured. Here is a list of our guidelines to give you peace of mind:

  • Our highly trained crews include Certified Prescribed Burn Managers.
  • We never hire subcontractors or volunteers. Only our experienced professionals will touch your property.
  • We only proceed once we have a written plan for the fire and have received all the required permits and permissions to move forward.
  • We only operate when the weather safely permits.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your natural area? Call us today to schedule our prescribed fire services!

We believe that fire is an essential part of natural area management. It is one of the best ways to enhance and rejuvenate your natural area. At Pizzo & Associates, Ltd., we have 34 years of experience restoring natural areas. We are proud to offer our services in the Greater Chicago, IL area, including Lake Forest, Barrington, and Naperville. We also expand our services to surrounding states such as Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. If you are interested in scheduling your prescribed fire service, give us a call today at (815) 495-2300. Your ecosystem will thank you!