Are you looking for a team of experts to help you with your natural land restoration and/or maintenance? When hiring a professional team, it's important to find one that can restore and maintain your property in the most environmentally friendly, economical, and visually appealing way possible.

With a big project like land restoration and maintenance, be sure to hire professionals that have the experience and determination to provide the best results. This blog outlines what you should look out for when making your hiring decision and 3 important steps your professional restoration and maintenance company should take during the planning and designing process of your project.

What to Look Out for When Hiring a Professional Land Restoration & Maintenance Company

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Each land restoration and maintenance project is unique and offers its own challenges and rewards. By designing right from the beginning, it will provide a solid framework and plan for execution. This keeps the team and project on track for success. Hiring a company like ours that has been around for a while will give you peace of mind that they know exactly what to look out for when planning and designing these projects. Long-time professionals will be able to immediately spot and identify potential problems, thus making your life and your wallet much happier in the long run.

At Pizzo & Associates, Ltd., we have been in the business for over 30 years. Our professional ecologists and landscape architects bring a wealth of knowledge of our native ecosystems to your land restoration or maintenance project. We can help you build a sustainable solution using native plants that have evolved to thrive in your conditions.

3 Important Planning & Design Services Used to Restore & Maintain Your Natural Land

When you are hiring a professional company to restore and maintain your natural areas, it's important to understand everything they do when planning and designing your entire project. Preparation is almost as important as the actual job! If not planned out correctly with the most up-to-date technology, your project could easily run into hiccups. Below are 3 important services that professional restoration and maintenance companies should be using during your planning and designing process.

  • Natural Areas Inventory - This means pre and post-construction services such as threatened and endangered species surveys, wildlife surveys and monitoring, natural areas assessments, permitting, construction observation, and natural areas monitoring and reporting. Make sure the company you hire will employ the most up-to-date technology to ensure accurate data collection and the highest quality design and planning graphics.
  • Ecological Design - Professional companies should Combine LEED AP landscape architects and knowledgeable ecologists in order to maximize your project's LEED point while ensuring the successful implementation of native plants. This will result in an aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance landscape.
  • Wetland Delineation & Planning – If you are working with a wetland environment, the company you hire should be experienced in innovative stormwater management solutions to wetland mitigation planning, making your large project a seamless experience.

Plan and design your next land restoration and maintenance project the right way - call us today!

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We have been restoring and managing woodlands, prairies, and wetlands since 1988. Our crew has the extensive experience, training, and knowledge to plan and design your next project, looking out for important things like potential problems and threatened or endangered species. You can trust us to always take the most environmentally friendly approach. If you are searching for a professional team to help restore and/or maintain your land in the Lake Forest and Barrington, IL areas, give our team a call today at (815) 495-2300.